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Our dishes are high in demand in the area. We provide different kind of dishes to our customers under the heads of Appetizers, Rice Vermicelli, Pho Soup and Rice Platter. Our most popular dishes that the people like the most are Bun Bo Hue, spring rolls, rice platter and egg rolls. Bun Bo Hue is a Vietnamese soup originated from the province of Thừa Thiên—Huế. It contains rice vermicelli, lemon grass, fermented shrimp sauce and pieces of beef. The main difference between Pho and Bun Bo Hue is it contains thicker noodles. The people like the soup due to its balance of spicy and sour taste. Our low-cost rice platter and cheap spring rolls are admired by our customers. Rice platter can be served with grilled chicken, pork chop, short ribs Korean style, grilled shrimp and egg sunny side up. We are also providing first-rate egg rolls that are highly valued by our customers.

You can also find ice milk coffee and black coffee at our restaurant. We are providing some beverages that are not provided by all restaurants including Thai tea, milk tea, soy milk, lemonade, soda lemonade, salted lemonade; soda salted lemonade, soda milk, fresh coconut juice and blended fruit juice: Kiwi, Lychee, Mango and strawberry, fresh coconut juice.

Pho79 has earned many awards including Best Vietnamese Restaurant (Denver Dining Guide 2006), Top of the Town (5280 The Denver Magazine), Best of 2007: Best Really International Breakfast (Denver Westword Restaurant Guide), Best of 2006: Best Asian Breakfast (Denver Westword Restaurant Guide), Best of 2005: Best Breakfast Soup (Denver Westword Restaurant Guide), Best of 2005: Best Vietnamese Coffee (Denver Westword Restaurant Guide).

We are providing some unique, tasty dishes that is the competitive edge for us. Pho79 is also well known for its friendly and peaceful environment. Customers are being served quickly and politely at Pho79. If the customer wants meals to be delivered at their home, they get a timely response from our delivery team. Large number of repeated customers and good feedback by the customers are the signs of our customer loyalty which also reflects the quality of our dishes and services. Learn More